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Drive Results with Operational Excellence

Mistakes cost precious time and limited resources.  Driving out waste in your company’s core value streams will yield double-digit improvements in quality, on-time delivery, and productivity.

As agents of this change, your employees will become skilled problem-solvers and staunch advocates of your strategic initiatives. Morale will skyrocket.

Lean Thinking is a proven best-practice for seeing waste and making rapid, incremental changes to business processes without requiring massive up-front investments in new technologies or special tooling.


Seize the Future with Digital Transformation

Achieving excellence in operations is only the first step.  Taking advantage of emerging new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing,  Augmented Reality, and Internet of Things is critical to stay ahead of market expectations

Those who do not ride the wave of change will soon find themselves beneath it.

Agile is to Digital Transformation what Lean is to Operational Excellence – a proven framework for rapidly integrating new technologies into your existing business infrastructure.

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Delight Customers with Product and Service Innovation

Customers demand more – speed, storage, responsiveness, savings, sustainability – every business needs to out-invent the competition or risk becoming extinct.

Innovation is the key.  Your products and services must delight your customers and shareholders at each and every turn.  Stop innovating and you start sliding backwards.

Design Thinking is your innovation playbook for “building the right things”, accelerating time-to-market, and crushing the competition. 

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People.  Purpose.  Process.

Value Stream Analysis

Identify opportunities for process improvements and automation by mapping the flow of value across silos and organizational boundaries.

Data mining
Process Data Mining

Discover the hidden rework factories that are wasting precious time and consuming valuable resources within your organization.

Kaizen Workshops

Unlock the creative potential of your front-line employees to experimentally solve challenging problems using A3 Thinking – in just 4 days!

Scrum rocket
Agile Team Startup

Launch new teams with a proven, adaptive development framework that generates working product increments at predictable intervals.

Rocket ship
Agile @ Scale

Nothing beats an Agile team – except teams of Agile teams!  Expand your Agile pilot throughout the organization and accelerate your results.

Life ring
Project Recovery

Provide a lifeline to troubled projects by making essential course corrections NOW to get back on schedule, budget, and scope with reduced risk.

NPI Process Redesign

New Product Introduction is a key value stream.  Accelerate your product development process by eliminating barriers to flow and deploying proven best practices.

Innovation Centers

Innovation is both a mindset AND a set of repeatable best practices. Build a scalable innovation process within your organization and leave your competitors in the dust.

Design for X
Design for "X"

Tune your product design to meet specific  customer needs: Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Repair, Safety, Reliability – the choice is yours.

Client Feedback

Results.  Reputation.  Relationships.

Rami Rafeh
VP Provider Network Strategy & Collaboration
Premera Blue Cross

I recommend Scott without hesitation as a Lean Agile coach for his outstanding contributions to our team’s professional development. Through his expert guidance, our team not only gained a comprehensive understanding of the agile framework but also cultivated a newfound confidence in applying these principles to our projects.

Scott’s approach went beyond just theoretical teachings; he integrated practical exercises and real-world examples, fostering a hands-on learning environment. Scott not only deepened our comprehension of agile concepts but also allowed us to immediately apply them to our day-to-day work.

Michael Gallegos
Senior Director Provider Transformation
Blue Shield of California

I met Scott as part of a larger team assigned to our process improvement work. It quickly became apparent that Scott was the person to work with. He went above our process improvement realm and started to help us in solution design and precursor work into Agile methodology. He recognized we needed a bit more and was able to pivot and help direct a big cross functional group into alignment on a program that we had not been able to agree on previously. We left feeling like we had a concrete plan for a complicated program and the broad framework to start making progress. Scott was able to do this by using a multifaceted human approach to meet people where they were and to lead them to think differently. He made a difficult change management problem easier for people. Because of this work I have always tapped him on the shoulder for consulting work and his expertise.

Tom LaMantia
President and CEO
Clementina-Clemco Holdings, Inc.

I have worked with Scott now for about 3 years. In those 3 years (and two companies), he has worked as a consultant supporting our Lean Product Development Transformation. In both cases he has been the experienced expert who has taught us the fundamentals of Lean Product Development that we have executed through the Agile process. Scott’s understanding of the concepts, his experience and his ability to connect with very different types of people in the organization has been extraordinary. Scott is different from most in his ability to adapt to our particular issues while still maintaining the fundamentals of Lean. Through Scott’s leadership we have utilized the Agile process for hardware as well for software. It has driven a fundamental change in our business that is moving us quickly toward a strong product leadership position in the market. He has also personally coached me to be more knowledgeable and a better leader in the area of Product and Strategy Development. Finally and maybe most importantly, Scott is always learning and applying those learnings in his teachings to make us better.

David Marvel
President and CEO
Duke Manufacturing Co.

We began working with Scott in the winter of 2015 to introduce the concept of Agile Lean Product Development. Not only has he been a great teacher, coach and mentor for the Agile Development Teams, he has provided the leadership team with strong strategic support in the areas of Lean Canvas Strategic Planning and Agile Commercialization. Scott is recognized for his ability to take complex issues and guide the teams to well defined results. It is a pleasure to work with Scott and I hope to have many opportunities in the future.

Dean Meyer
Operations Change Leader
Equifax Workforce Solutions

I have had the pleasure of working with Scott over several years as he helped guide me through various Lean journeys. He has a powerful ability to dig into company cultures and apply his expertise very effectively up and down the organization. With each kaizen Scott facilitates I can sense him regenerating the effort as he leads us from foundational basics to finessed details. This genuine approach clearly sets Scott apart and lends much to how impactful he is in engaging teams. As a Lean coach, Scott is very creative and provides me with several healthy options. He not only preaches set-based solution approaches – he lives it. It is my pleasure to recommend Scott and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Angela O'Hara
Senior Program Analyst
State Bar of California

Scott Drumm is one of the more talented individuals I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with in my career. His ability to pull from his quiver and adapt the exact tool or methodology needed for his customers and their environment is unparalleled—agile/scrum, traditional project management, design thinking, lean, six sigma, etc. I’ve witnessed him in action with leaders up and down an organization—taking complex, thorny problems and working patiently, diligently, and intentionally to create a plan with clear targets and actions. He inspires with his creativity and resourcefulness and—most important—his commitment to execution. I’m eager to work with Scott again in the future!

David Berry
Senior Director WW Strategy and Business Dev
RR Donnelley

Scott is a multi talented, charismatic leader at Abbott Vascular. He is in the challenging role of changing the way we think about how we design and manage our development initiatives. Scott has been exceptional influencing our culture with action oriented methodologies and proven techniques with outstanding adoption rates. His experience in DFX principles coupled with his great business sense, has proven to be of great strategic value. Through his leadership, we have been able to significantly reduce our development cycle times and design iterations. Scott is great to work with and a true asset to our R&D product portfolio and initiatives.

Alan M. Park
Senior Vice President - Sales and Alliances
Electrun Energy, Inc.

Scott Drumm is thoughtful and results oriented leader. His leadership resulted in the implementation of a successful program with an outstanding business ROI at ServiceMaster. This business process reengineering program has been recognized nationally and internationally. He is very skilled at managing teams toward an objective and quality set of deliverables. Scott’s end to end program management tied vendors and clients together for effective teamwork and measurable results. He has very good insight and instincts that are invaluable in meeting program deadlines and in gaining the proper outcome. Scott possesses an exceptional balance of pragmatic management with very strong team leadership that engenders loyalty and passion for success.

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